The materialistic, reductionistic, mechanistic universe paradigm has been forever shattered. Yet the majority of conventional scientists cling to their old ideas of certainty and predictability. This is because there is a religion about science that scientists are not willing to admit to, just as stubbornly as any other religionist has, from time to time been. This religion is unexamined and lurks in the darkness of unrecognized assumptions, prejudices, and biases about the world and the way we want it to be rather than the way it really is. If we want to be "top dog" and in control of everything then we cannot also allow ourselves to believe in God. A belief in God would logically bring our self-sovereignty into question. Since we are too weak and prideful to allow for the existence of spiritual realities we must find the Universe to be strictly materialistic, strictly mechanistic, and strictly under our control. But then these religious beliefs of our conventional scientists, and many others, are masqueraded as proved scientific certainties to the untrained eye. Let it be known that a logical, rational, and intelligent person can examine phenomena outside of our present paradigm and make logical judgments regarding the unknown.

     The belief in God is neither irrational or unfounded. In fact we will see that a belief in a purposeful God is far more rational than a belief in an unending series of infinitely improbable "accidents." The scientific method is a good approach to all types of questions and always asks what does the evidence show. Even if there is only one well-documented case of a detailed and accurate prophecy, our assumptions about reality must be adjusted to allow for this. Instead, what happens is that uncomfortable facts are quickly swept under the rug to keep up appearances. Most people, including scientists, do not love truth. Therefore, the truth is crucified and sacrificed day after day in the halls of cowardice, laziness, and self-centeredness. Now lets look at the evidence about the past predictive accuracy of prophecy. If the past evidence of accuracy is good, then we can confidently use prophecy to look into our future.

                  "The advances of civilization are all born in this inner world
                    of mankind. It is only the inner life which is truly creative.
                    Civilization can hardly progress when the majority of any
                    generation devotes their interests and energies to the materialistic
                    pursuits of the sensory outer world."

"True religion must ever be, at one and the same time, the eternal foundation and the guiding star of all enduring civilizations."

      The intellectual elite of our world appears daily in newspapers and on our televisions. They are the "experts" who write the books about marriage, although they are divorced three times. They tell us how to bring up our children, and yet their own children rebel against them. They know everything about anything, and there is no doubt about it. Ask if they believe in God and somber tones cover the smirk and smile. And yet, the question of God is the essential question of all philosophy, all ideologies, and all human understanding. If this most essential question were on a test, it would count for ninety-nine percent of the grade and the remaining one percent of the test would directly depend on the answer to the first. If you are wrong about God, then you are wrong about very much else as well. Yet the intellectual and political elite are all confirmed in the opinion that "religion is the opiate of the masses." Those who won’t say this in public believe it in private, as their very actions and behavior betray them. If our leaders are wrong about the first question, what hope do we have for a peaceful world guided by wisdom. My answer for that is zero. What do you think? Many of us deny or question the existence of the very One who gave us existence. God replies:

Isaiah 45:9   Shame on him who argues with his Maker,
                    Though naught but a potsherd of earth!
                    Shall the clay say to the potter, "What are you doing?
                    Your work has no handle."

     If you live on this world at this time, no doubt you know of people who display this level of arrogance.

Isaiah 46:4   Till you grow old, I will be the same
                   When you turn gray; it is I who will carry;
                   I am the Maker, and I will be the Bearer;
                   And I will carry and rescue you.

     And so our Father tends his children, most often without recognition and without thanks. Yet, His commitment never wavers, never hesitates, and never sleeps.

     We are unaware of the presence of the spirit within and so "we have not known what we are" and haven’t begun to realize "how divine" we ourselves can become. The voice within points the way, if we but listen. Follow the guide within and experience the reality of the divine indwelling. Behold, "all things are becoming new"-- once we experience and are aware of God’s spirit within; that "little voice" that speaks silently. And now, back to Isaiah. He turns 180 degrees and addresses our elite and illustrious leaders: the "blind watchmen," "the negligent shepherds," and "the greedy dogs." The future always comes in through the minority. The last battle won, "conventional wisdom" is one step from the scrap heap. We fear and resist change, no matter what its content. Nearly all-conventional wisdom today is wrong! Wrong about science, wrong about politics, wrong about people, wrong about philosophy, wrong about religion and wrong about most anything else we can think of. Our leaders, our intellectuals and our so-called elite will have the same constant refrain right up to the hour when they are removed from their power and prestige.  The refrain is "everything is fine, going just as we expected." This is why they are so "confounded" in Micah 7:16 when the World Messiah steps into the fray. It’s time we started thinking for ourselves and stop buying the illusions, which are cast up in front of us by the "leadership class" and the media; one working hand in hand with the other. There is a Sufi metaphor about identification. Misery doesn’t come to us; we unconsciously seek it out and hold on to it, like flinging our arms around a pillar. We squeeze tighter and yell, "Oh if I could only be rid of this misery and pain!"…We "do" misery we "do" expectation. Hell is not a place, we "do" it, as American mystic Adi DaSantoshia once remarked…We make prophecy work because we are so damned predictable… We have repeated again and again the behaviors that make it easy for the seers to prophesy us unto doomsday. (John Hogue, Millennium Prophecy, Pg. 305). In other words, we have seen the enemy and it is us. . And the silence of "the good people" is deafening as we stand back and watch the destruction of our country and our families.

     And so we can readily compare the evolutionary religion of man with the revealed religion of God. Man’s religion (Baalism) centers around self-interest and self-gratification while God’s religion is the selfless pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness. Is it any wonder why the former is the more popular and the latter is "the road less traveled?" Isn’t Baalism without Baal still the most prevalent ‘religion’ today? Disconnected human history is a cross section of a higher dimensional reality, the reality of eternity. If one takes successive horizontal cross sectional views of a vertical tree and its branches, you will first see one large circle (trunk) and then several smaller circles (main branches) and then finally a great multitude of still smaller circles and ovals of variable size and separation (small branches). If you give these cross sectional views to someone who has no idea of how it was formed, he will not see a tree – but rather various patterns of circles with no particular connection to one another (similar to looking at a wood ceiling with its "knots").  From Antioch the Pauline version of the Teachings of Jesus and the teaching about Jesus spread to all the Western World; from Philadelphia the missionaries of the Abnerian Kingdom of heaven spread throughout Mesopotamia and Arabia until the later times when these uncompromising emissaries of the teachings of Jesus were overwhelmed by the sudden rise of Islam.

"The believers at Philadelphia held more strictly to the religion of Jesus, as he lived and taught, than any other group on earth. Now prophecy is true both in the context of the time of its writing and in the time of its prophetic future fulfillment. And so, the church of Philadelphia spoken of in Revelation as existing in the latter days (now) would have characteristics like the church of Philadelphia existing at the time of John’s vision and writing. One might then expect this congregation or church of the latter days to be a group, like Abner’s, true to the message of Jesus (the gospel of the kingdom of heaven), and to be concerned with issues of brotherly love such as the brotherhood of man predicated on the Fatherhood of God. The elect are those who choose (elect) God's Will. Now if we integrate these concepts from Revelation about the Church of Philadelphia with the concepts of Enoch, one could envision a group in the latter days that:

1 is blessed with book(s) of joy and great wisdom;
2 that give them knowledge of the way of God which they practice and point out to others; (the choosing of God's Will)
3 that know the true
message of Jesus and are faithful to it, (the choosing of God's Will)
4 and have reached the enlightenment stage of brotherly love.
5 live in the latter days, the time of tribulation, in a distant generation from Enoch.
6 have but little worldly power, probably a small group.
7 Are found among ‘gentile’ Christians.

     God chooses us all but only some of us choose Him:

1QS For without Thee no way is perfect and without Thy Will nothing is done.

     This is essentially the religion
of Jesus himself, one hundred years before his birth. Jesus stated this truth in a slightly different way using seven words in complete perfection:

Thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done. (Lord's Prayer)

     The "righteous are confident that sinners will be disgraced" because all of this has been revealed to them through 1Enoch and other prophets of scripture as well. Wealth "is suddenly ascended" away from the wealthy who covet in 96:6. The "crafty" men are "adorned more than women" in stylish and expensive clothes (not to mention haircuts). We of the modern age are not accustomed to hearing such "harsh" verbiage as we have been taught that there really is no right and wrong; just differing but equally valid points of view. The words evil, sin, and iniquity are almost never used anymore. We will tolerate anything and everything, except the moral-religious perspective, of course. There is a covert war on God on this world and it is waged by the powerful elite, the "intellectuals," the propagandists, the government, and the media establishment. Our public schools are instruments for the indoctrination of an alternate, unacknowledged, value system of no-values; the official, unannounced, state religion. This secular humanistic state is slowly enslaving its citizens and will lead them into crisis. The war against God has only one possible outcome, and that outcome is, and forever will be, failure! The most difficult task is teaching the well intentioned that such a war actually exists. The well intentioned project their own intentions onto the intentions of others, because the reality of evil intent is so totally foreign and so totally irrational to them. But evil and iniquity does exist and unless we learn to recognize it, we will continue to be its victims. Jesus has spoken well: "Be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves." To be as wise as serpents we must first recognize and understand those serpents of wrong choosing.

     As we look around today, these same "sophistries of unbridled personal liberty" are all around us. The rebellion is ongoing and coming to full fruit at age’s end. We see this in our youth, on our TV sets, in our government, in our marriages, and in our academies. Power has replaced religion and politics has replaced ethics. The time of trial approaches. Rebellion still has its last gasp to breath. There are two mistakes that can be made with regard to evil. One is to be blind to it and therefore become powerless to effectively overcome it. The second mistake is to overly focus on and stress evil. Limitations were imposed on the idea of democracy and sovereign citizens passively accepted them. Money defined the social hierarchy, the rank ordering of citizens, which valued some above others. Money expressed the culture’s deepest longings and obsessions, the fretful belief that a dead substance could somehow confer immortal life on those who accumulated it. Money was a living creed in American life, as Veblen said, a more convincing realty than human toil or material needs or the tenuous things of the human spirit. Now consider the presently reigning world system and world religion – secular humanism. Government by the elite substitutes for God and is the answer to every need and every problem. The High Priest is replaced by the scientist who knows all, explains all, and who conquers all. Man has put his trust and faith in "science" and in government. God doesn’t seem to be necessary.

     First hand spiritual experience is what we lack and what we need most of all. It is only as far away as was Kansas in the Wizard of Oz; just as far as our hearts desire. "Ask and you shall receive." "Search and you shall find." "Behold, all things are becoming new." The spirit fragment or Thought Adjuster acts as a guide showing us "the way" if we only so desire. The mind which chooses becomes progressively attuned to God’s will or way, which is the way of truth, the way of beauty, and the way of goodness: each in all and all in each – fused in the triune experience of living joy. Our minds are adjusted, by right of our desire, to connect the dots between what we are and what God would have us to become. And our Father encourages our spiritual striving; saying, "Become perfect, even as I Am perfect." Perfect not in mind, thought, or deed but perfect in love; our lives a fount of blessings to all those we meet. St. Francis said it best, "Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace." In Emily’s poems she makes analogies between the outer and inner states to talk about the inner, spiritual world – "the Kingdom of heaven within." And so, darkness is absence of light for our physical eyes, as well as the absence of understanding from our minds, and the absence of joy for our souls.

Emily Dickinson #45 There’s something quieter than sleep
1858         Within this
inner room.
                 It wears a sprig upon its breast –
                 And will not tell its name.

     Poem #45 describes something that is "quieter than sleep" within the inner room of consciousness that "will not tell its name" because the thought adjuster is that silent,
"little voice within." We have all had the repeated experience of listening or not listening to that "little voice within" which is always accurate. It is always accurate because it is the spirit fragment from God Himself. The real goal of human existence is learning to hear and follow that voice as much as we are possibly able. We stop listening when we don’t want to comply with the guidance, therefore we assert our will over His and lose the connection. Other times we are afraid of repercussions (which there will surely be) that we don’t want to face. Faith or trust in God is always the answer. Soon we see, if we give it a chance, that all things do work to the good for those who love and follow God. This way is the true way and is the entire sum of God’s religion; the message of Jesus, the Kingdom of heaven within. Man’s religions are best evaluated by the extent that they connect the real person to the real God: the God of truth, the God of beauty, the God of goodness, and the God of love. This God has been progressively revealed to the minds and hearts of man through Melchizedek, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, the Prophets, and most recently Jesus of Nazareth. This is a progressive, evolutionary process that does not stop and sit still. Progressive revelation has been, is, and will forever be an ongoing process; as the Infinite becomes progressively grasped by the finite. We are not meant to put the truths given us into a hole in the ground to keep it safe and untouched. Like the wise servant of the parable, we are expected to make gain from what we are given. If we are not growing on the vine, then we are dying on the vine. There is no standing still in the Kingdom of heaven if we do not bear the fruits of the spirit, then we are not of the spirit. We can not praise God with our lips but leave Him out of our lives if we do not act on what we know. Some fruits of the spirit are love, wisdom, forbearance, faithfulness, loyalty, perseverance, and humility.


The Excerpts above are from the book, "The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand" by Ed Roache