God's Will

Isaiah 30:18 
Truly, the Lord is waiting to show you grace,
Truly, He will arise to pardon you.
For the Lord is a God of justice;
Happy are all who wait for Him.

Indeed, O people in Zion, dwellers of Jerusalem, you shall not have cause to weep. He will grant you His favor at the sound of your cry; He will respond as soon as He hears it. Then your Guide will no more be ignored, but your eyes will watch your Guide; and, whenever you deviate to the right or to the left, your ears will heed the command from behind you: "This is the road; follow it!" Here the Lord is addressing the faithful and true remnants, as well as the downtrodden and humble. The amazing statement regarding our "Guide" that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us, in the form of the indwelling spirit of God, which "guides" us from within our consciousness and keeps us from "deviating to the right or the left" from God’s Will straight ahead. The true way, the kingdom of heaven within, is an ancient way although it seems new to our modern world. The true way is the Kingdom of Heaven within, Jesus’ true message. True religion consists in the experience that "the Spirit itself hears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. The hour is striking for a rediscovery of the true and original foundation of present-day distorted and compromised Christianity— the real life and teachings of Jesus. (The Kingdom of Heaven within) . . . by the insight of the spirit of my Father which dwells within you, I am led to declare that upon this foundation (the indwelling spirit) will I build the brotherhood of the Kingdom of Heaven. Upon this rock of spiritual reality . . .

The Fatherhood of God forever establishes the transcendent value of His sons and daughters. Blessed are the meek, for they are not self-satisfied. They are still open to the light of truth. We now return to our discussion of the world crisis to come. We should not become so caught up in looking for the end of the age that we neglect to establish and maintain the Kingdom of Heaven within. For the Master said, "Even you, Thomas, fail to comprehend what I have been saying. Have I not taught you that your connection with the Kingdom of Heaven is spiritual and individual, wholly a matter of personal experience in the spirit by the faith-realization that you are a son of God? What more shall I say? The downfall of nations, the crash of empires, the destruction of unbelieving Jews, the end of an age, even the end of the world, what have these things to do with one who believes this gospel and who has led his life in the surety of the eternal kingdom?"

The coming trials will not destroy us. Instead they will purify and transform us. Now, back to the main narrative of Isaiah. God is explaining the real reason for these trials to come:

Refining those who elect God’s Will

Isaiah 48:10 
See, I refine you, but not as silver;
I test you in the furnace of affliction.

God forever hopes that we will come to Him so that we can become all that He means for us to become. ‘He becomes what we are to make us what He is. ’ Why is it so hard for God to give His children the greatest gift they could ever receive – The Kingdom of Heaven within and the Grand Universe throughout. If God were a door-to-door salesman, on this planet He would probably have lost his job long ago for lack of subscribers.

God is clear: anyone who would, can come. He is a loving father, actively pursuing the embrace of every mortal being in the world. The eternal covenant is open to all who have faith and who would follow God’s Ways and Will. Man is not absolved of suffering, but he is lifted up over it, in the "peace that surpasses all understanding." And this is the "kingdom of heaven" that is "within" as spoken of by the Son of Man. What are God’s Ways? What would God have us do? Here is God’s answer through His inspired prophets. We will first review the Old Covenant with its external commands and then the New Covenant with its internal guidance. Together they are the Way of God.

Deuteronomy l0:l2 
And now, Israel, what does the Lord your God, require of you,
but to fear the Lord your God, to walk in His ways and to love
Him, and to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with
all your soul, to keep the commandments of the Lord, and His statutes,
which I command you this day for your good. (Moses to Israelites)

And so, God tells us through his prophets what He wants of us; very simply and very clearly. But for most of mankind these instructions are unappealing! After all, aren’t we free? Sovereigns of our own destiny? Aren’t we able to choose our own paths without any assistance from anyone, including the infinite and loving Being we call God? Little do we realize that we throw away infinity for an illusion, never suspecting the treasure buried within, encased in fear and subverted by pride. Only by paradox, can the infinite be alluded to because true freedom is "slavery" to God’s will, for such slavery is a slavery of love, that unshackles every yoke of human limitation. The very intention of God’s Will is love. We have considered the old covenant between God and man. Now lets turn to the new covenant. We move from external, negative commands to internal, positive guidance. The Kingdom of Heaven Within, the New Covenant, Internal Guidance, the true way,the gospel and message of Jesus.

Jeremiaah 3l: 3 
But such is the covenant I will make
With the House of Israel after these days –
Declares the Lord: I will put My Teaching
Into their inmost being and inscribe it
Upon their hearts
. Then I will be their God, and
They shall be My people.

Isaiah 30:l8 
Then your Guide will no more be ignored, and your
Eyes will watch your Guide; and, whenever you
Deviate to the right or to the left, your ears
Will heed the command from behind (within) you:
"This is the road; follow it!"

Proverbs l: 23 
…behold, I will put my spirit unto you. I
Will make known my words unto you.

Matthew 7:21-23
Not every one that saith unto me (Jesus), "Lord, Lord,"
shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but rather he
that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven."

Luke 17:20-21
The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither
shall they say, Lo here! Or, Lo there! For, behold,
the Kingdom of God is within you.

1 Corinthians.3 
Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and
that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?…
which ye have of God, and ye are not your own.

4Q405 Dead Sea Scrolls
Praise the God of… wonder, and exalt Him… As
they rise, a whispered divine voice is heard…

And so, we see the evolution of God’s relationship with man. We begin with the fear of God and his external commandments and we end with the love of God and the pouring out of His spirit upon us, and within us. We’ve heard from the prophets about the Kingdom within. Now hear the poets:

Emily Dickinson #679
Conscious am I in my Chamber,
Of a shapeless friend
Presence – is His furthest license –
Instinct esteems Him
Immortality –

Emily Dickinson #670
One need not be a Chamber – to be Haunted –
One need not be a House –
The Brain has Corridors – surpassing
Material place –
Far safer, of a midnight meeting
External Ghost
Than its interior Confronting –
Cooler Host.

Here, Emily is expressing her consciousness of the inner spirit within – the "shapeless friend" and "Cooler Host" of "immortality." Unlike the external spirits and Ghosts; the internal spirit inhabits our mind – the "corridors of the brain." Let’s take a look at a few more:

Emily Dickinson #384
No Rack can torture me –
My Soul – at liberty –
Behind this mortal Bone
There knits a bolder One…
Captivity is Consciousness –
So’s Liberty.

Realization of God’s spirit within, "the bolder One," liberates one from all perceived human limitations, i.e. one’s "captivity." Now consider:

Isaiah 61:1 
The spirit of the Lord God is upon me,
Because the Lord has anointed me.
He has sent me as a herald of joy to the humble,
To bind up the wounded heart.
To proclaim release to the captives…
To comfort all who mourn –

The Son of Man takes this prophecy up into himself and liberates man through the revelation of the kingdom of heaven within, because "captivity is consciousness" after all, and consciousness is mostly unaware of God’s gift within us, the indwelling spirit.

DSC 4Q174
 ‘But the wicked shall do wickedly and shall not understand,
but the righteous shall purify themselves and make themselves
white (Daniel 12:10)’ ...
the people who know God shall be strong.

The Teacher of Righteousness recognizes the unique understanding that these people will possess, they know God in their hearts and understand His Kingdom of Heaven within. Scripture is reinforcing and repeating important information. Information so reinforced, is very likely to be accurate judging from past performances.

God cares little about who we are on the outside but everything about what we are on the inside. As always, whoever would come can come. The door to the kingdom of heaven is forever open to all. And so, through the process of deciding what we stand for in life we select who we will become, unlike the flower, who has no choice but to unfold.

Jeremiah 29:13 
You will find Me, if only you seek Me

Jeremiah 3l:3 
Eternal Love I conceived for you.
I will put My teaching in their inmost being and inscribe
it upon their hearts

The New Covenant is the "kingdom of heaven within" that is enabled by the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth by Jesus Christ; and the Spirit of the Father, the internal guide within.

2 Corinthians 5:17 
If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed
away; behold all things are becoming new.

Stated differently, this means that when a person "finds God," or "enters the Kingdom of heaven" the realization within consciousness that God is truly within us, with us, and over us is the realization of the higher dimensional reality that pervades and indwells our very being. This is the equivalent of realizing that "the little voice within" that guides us in what we should do, is in truth, the "indwelling spirit of God," referred to in scripture as the "Guide" within and the "Kingdom of heaven" within. The goal of life then, becomes to find and to listen to this inner guide, despite self-sacrifice, and through obedience become transformed in our journey toward "becoming perfect, even as God is perfect." After the realization of this "inner connection" the universe and our place in it are never again the same. "Old things are passed away," and a "new creature," and a new understanding is born. The Old Covenant is not discarded, it is taken up into and completed by the New Covenant.

Revelation 3:20 
‘Behold, I stand at the door and knock,’ if anyone hears my voice and opens his
door, I will come in to dine and eat with him and he with Me.

Matthew 7:7 
Keep on asking and it will be given you; keep on seeking and you will find, keep
on knocking and the door will be opened to you.

John 10:1 I 
assure you, most solemnly I tell you, he who does not enter by the
door into the sheepfold, but climbs up some other way is a thief and
robber. But he who enters by the door is the shepherd of sheep…

John 10:6 
But they (the apostles) did not understand what He was talking

John 10:7
 I tell you that I Myself (Jesus) am the Door of the Sheep.

The door represents entrance into the kingdom of heaven within where man communes directly with God, as son with Father. For the price of faith and obedience, God promises to do everything else. Jesus is the personification of faith and of obedience to God’s will: "not my will but Your will be done," Jesus prays. And so, the Father is glorified in Jesus and Jesus is glorified in his Father. "The kingdom of heaven is the will of God enthroned in the heart of man."

Put simply we become holy, the word derives from the Old English hal, whole or integrated and complete. Transcendence, overcomes the paradox of duality, the experience of the reality of the Kingdom of heaven within allows us to identify with a higher, spiritual reality, instead of a lower, material reality. The higher completes the lower. And the Highest Reality, the source of all reality is God, who’s very Will is motivated by love and guided by wisdom.

Emily Dickinson Poem #1681
Speech is one symptom of Affection
And Silence one –
The perfectest communication
Is heard of none –
Exists and its indorsement
Is had within –
Behold, said the Apostle,
Yet had not seen.

The "perfectest communication" heard in silence is the spirit within.Within is also the location of its "indorsement" or realization. Who we are is far more important than what we know. "Those who uphold the covenant (do God’s will), turn from walking in the way of the people." It may be necessary for those who follow God’s will, to separate themselves from the opinions, people, and possessions of our present culture to follow the truth on an isolated, lonely, and perhaps dangerous road. Such painful and trying choices will act to establish our priorities and expose them to view. Choosing God’s will in the face of such trials will be the "flame of affliction," which will soften our mettle (metal) for the anvil of adversity and the hammer of mercy. And so we will count the cost and remember that this road is also called the ‘Sacred Way’, and that the ‘redeemed shall walk it.’ Consider further this road:


Isaiah 57:14 
Build up, build up a highway!
Clear a road!
Remove all obstacles
From the road of My people

This "road" is referred to and described in many places and by many prophets in the Old Testament. God will be removing obstacles to its use by those who elect His will. The Teacher of Righteousness reveals a personal understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven within, the new covenant of God and man. The Teacher of Righteousness has learned to abandon himself completely to the Will of God, through the leading of the spirit within. The kingdom of heaven within intersects with the Kingdom of God on earth.

1Enoch 104A: 1-2 
In those days,
he (Enoch) says:

1Enoch 105:1-2 
"The Lord will be patient and cause the children of the earth
to hear. Reveal it to them with your wisdom, for you are their
and you are a reward upon the whole earth. Until I
and my Son
are united with them in the upright paths in their
and there shall be peace unto you, rejoice you children of
truth. Amen." (Charlesworth,Pseudoepigrapha)

Emily.Dickinson #85 
"They have not chosen me," he said,
"But I have chosen them!"
Brave – Broken hearted statement –
Uttered in Bethlehem!
I could not have told it,
But since Jesus dared –
Sovereign! Know a Daisy
Thy dishonor shared!

From somewhere, Emily (Daisy) gets the information that Jesus chose his life’s mission for himself, rather than having it been chosen for him by somebody else. Emily says she "could not have told" this truth, which applies to herself as well, unless Jesus "dared" to say it first to lead the way. Chosen and elect are nearly the same word meaning and throughout scripture are symbolized by the wearing of a "crown" as it is here in Emily’s circumstance as well. God’s royalty is nothing like man’s royalty though, for the "greatest in the Kingdom of heaven is servant of all" and it is "the meek who will inherit the earth. In #564, Emily "ascends" into God’s "vast prairies" of "infinitude" to pray, but "awed beyond her errand" she leaves her personal concerns behind and instead worships God in silent inner communion. The distinction between prayer and worship is very clear here. Prayer asks for something conceived of in the mind. Worship transcends mind, has no requests, and opens into the infinitude of God’s Joy. This distinction between prayer and worship is an Urantia Book concept that I have not seen elsewhere, other than Emily. Despite her status, as symbolized by her crown, Emily constantly worries if she’s good enough to do her task and live up to God’s trust in her.

Emily Dickinson #751 
My Worthiness is all my Doubt –
His Merit – all my fear –
Contrasting which, my quality
Do lowlier – appear –
Lest I should insufficient prove
For His beloved Need –
The Chiefest Apprehension
Upon my thronging Mind –

Emily questions her worthiness throughout her poetry. Poverty to Emily is living without the experience of God, the kingdom of heaven within, and not lack of material wealth. She tells us that without this unsurpassable experience, "being is beggary."Since God puts a spiritual piece of himself inside each human being, He is our spiritual Father and we are his spiritual sons and daughters. This is exactly analogous to the biologic father and mother who give a biologic-genetic piece of themselves to their biologic children. This spirit fragment is the foundation for the living spiritual connection between God and man. God is in us and we are in Him. By nature of this living spiritual connection, God "becomes what we are, to make us what He is." Each of us are a potentially part of the divine circuit of energy which pours forth from God, out through his sons and daughters, and into the lives they lead and the people they touch. And what goes out from the Source of love, returns in the end through praise, transforming our hearts and our minds in the process. This new heart and new mind lies dormant within every man and every woman, awaiting the day they wholeheartedly choose and desire to be led by God from within. When the self yields sovereignty to the spirit, the process of new inner growth begins. Most importantly, it is our will that decides and chooses between: self or other, anger or forgiveness, hate or love. The will is the ultimate determining factor in all of man’s existence. Absolute love requires absolute freedom. God must wait at the door of the Kingdom of heaven within until we knock and truly desire to enter. When we seek Him with our whole heart and our whole mind and our whole soul there is nothing that can stop the circuit closing between man and God. His divine energy (love) pours over, around, and through us, filling our cup; hollowed out with suffering; but now hallowed with overflowing joy.

Spiritual Joy

Emily Dickinson #383 
Exhilaration –
is within –
1st of 3 stanzas There can No Outer Wine
So royally intoxicate
As that diviner Brand.

Emily Dickinson  #1640 
Take all away from me, but leave
And I am richer then than all my Fellow Men –
Will it become me to dwell so wealthily
When at my very Door are those possessing more,
In abject poverty –

When the worship urge is admonished and direct by wisdom…it begins to develop into the phenomenon of real religion. First hand spiritual experience is what we lack and what we need most of all. It is only as far away as was Kansas in the Wizard of Oz; just as far as our hearts desire. "Ask and you shall receive." "Search and you shall find." "Behold, all things are becoming new." The spirit fragment acts as a guide showing us "the way" if we only so desire. The mind which chooses becomes progressively attuned to God’s will or way, which is the way of truth, the way of beauty, and the way of goodness: each in all and all in each – fused in the triune experience of living joy. Our minds are adjusted, by right of our desire, to connect the dots between what we are and what God would have us to become. And our Father encourages our spiritual striving; saying, "Become perfect, even as I Am perfect." Perfect not in mind, thought, or deed but perfect in love; our lives a fount of blessings to all those we meet. St. Francis said it best, "Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace." In Emily’s poems she makes analogies between the outer and inner states to talk about the inner, spiritual world – "the Kingdom of heaven within." And so, darkness is absence of light for our physical eyes, as well as the absence of understanding from our minds, and the absence of joy for our souls. She speaks from three levels of reality all at once, creating confusion unless we separate her meanings out on the levels of physical, mental, and spiritual. .Now we will examine Emily’s poems about the indwelling spirit given to man by God.

Emily Dickinson #45 
There’s something quieter than sleep
1858 Within this inner room!
It wears a sprig upon its breast –
And will not tell its name.

Poem #45 describes something that is "quieter than sleep" within the inner room of consciousness that "will not tell its name" because the thought adjuster is that silent, "little voice within." We have all had the repeated experience of listening or not listening to that "little voice within" which is always accurate. It is always accurate because it is the spirit fragment from God Himself. The real goal of human existence is learning to hear and follow that voice as much as we are possibly able. We stop listening when we don’t want to comply with the guidance, therefore we assert our will over His and lose the connection. Other times we are afraid of repercussions (which there will surely be) that we don’t want to face. Faith or trust in God is always the answer. Soon we see, if we give it a chance, that all things do work to the good for those who love and follow God. This way is the true way and is the entire sum of God’s religion; the message of Jesus, the Kingdom of heaven within. Man’s religions are best evaluated by the extent that they connect the real person to the real God: the God of truth, the God of beauty, the God of goodness, and the God of love. There is no standing still in the Kingdom of heaven if we do not bear the fruits of the spirit, then we are not of the spirit. We can not praise God with our lips but leave Him out of our lives if we do not act on what we know. Some fruits of the spirit are love, wisdom, forbearance, faithfulness, loyalty, perseverance, and humility. Poem #419 contrasts the outer world of vision adjusting to darkness to the inner spiritual world of darkness where consciousness "gropes" to find the inner leading of the indwelling thought adjuster, which makes "life step almost straight" when we allow ourselves to be guided by it. The gospel of the kingdom is: the fact of the fatherhood of God, coupled with the resultant truth of the sonshipbrotherhood of men.

Emily Dickinson #85 
"They have not chosen me," he said,
"But I have chosen them!"
Brave – Broken hearted statement –
Uttered in Bethlehem!
I could not have told it,
But since Jesus dared –
Sovereign! Know a Daisy
Thy dishonor shared!

Emily Dickinson #964 
"Unto Me?" I do not know you –
Where may be your House?
"I am Jesus – Late of Judea –
Now – of Paradise" –
Wagons – have you – to convey me?
This is far from Thence –
"Arms of Mine – sufficient Phaeton –
Trust Omnipotence" –
I am spotted – "I am Pardon" –
I am small – "The Least
Is esteemed in Heaven the Chiefest –
Occupy my House" –

Emily does not use quotation marks very often and when she uses them they mean that these are not her words, but are in fact another’s words, which in this case are Jesus’ words. Poem #964 is a conversation between Emily (plain text) and Jesus (quoted text). Jesus says, "come unto Me," and Emily playfully wants to know where He lives and how He will arrange for her to travel such a large distance (across space, time, and dimension). Emily says she is unworthy and "spotted" (physically by freckles and spiritually by flaws and failures). But Jesus, true to form tells Emily that all that is needed is divine love (Arms of Mine, sufficient Phaeton) and forgiveness (Pardon), which traverse all space and all time in the realities of Kingdom of heaven within.

Jesus exemplifies by his life his message and teaching to mankind – the Kingdom of heaven within: the New Covenant, God’s will transcendent in the heart of man, the partnership of man and God founded upon the fact of God’s indwelling spirit within man. The true Spiritual Rock of all ages.

Quote from "The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand" by Ed Roache.