A Gift



     Life without reflection, on and about that life has no meaning and no value.  We think that we are an accident in a random universe.  We are here and then we die and that is all.  It is not surprising that people are surprised to learn that God is even interested at all.  Man should know how very highly God does value His children.  The vast universe is here because it makes us possible.  Without his infinite Love, God would have ventured no universe.  We are the reason for anything to be, rather than nothing.  Man just has no idea, just how much God loves them and one day when they find out and experience it, their life is never the same again.  I would say that God values us vastly much more than we value us.  And He is such a wise God that He knows that our greatest gift is the gift to participate willingly with the great adventure that is all around us.  But of all the adventure, none is as wonderful as the intimate contact with our Father that we are all destined to have if only we desire it with our whole hearts, our whole minds and our whole souls.  There just is no end to joy and wonderment.