1. Famous, Revelations 17
2. Prostitutes itself, Revelations 17
3. Great city, Revelations 17
4. Near many waters, Revelations 17
5. A woman on the Beast. Mother of Obscenity and Abominations, Revelations 17
6. Rules over Kings of East, Revelations 17
7. Beast hates Babylon/prostitute, Revelations 17
8. Beast destroys with fire, Revelations 17
9. All nations drunk with the wine of her lust, Revelations 17
10. World grows rich from her lust, Revelations 17
11. People called to ‘come out from Her!’, Revelations 17
12. Struck down in one day, Revelations 17
13. Kings cry over, Revelations 17
14. Business men mourn her many goods gone, Revelations 17
15. Misdeeds against God’s people, Revelations 17

Babylon is a rich, commercial center of the world. Businessmen love her for her markets and profit opportunities. She is famous and powerful and rules over (is stronger than) other countries (Kings of the East). She will sell anything (harlot) (Including people and weapons) to anyone in the world as long as there is profit in it. She is hated for her power, pride and wealth by the developing world order (see #7 above), on the back of which she rides supreme temporarily. While she is giddy and drunk with power, wealth, and lust, the world order suddenly turns on her destroying her in one day with "fire." In addition, the Dead Sea Scrolls links the harlot (Babylon) with the end of the age leaders of Ephraim, who are those most blessed with God’s bounty, power, and fruitfulness. Ephraim is part of Lost Israel, previously identified as Christendom. Ephraim’s leaders are "wicked, lustful, and arrogant who seek smooth things (lies)" and are ruled by The Liar. Ephraim is probably America. Babylon is probably America, or possibly an American city. New York and Washington D.C. come first to mind. "Cities and families shall perish through their (the wicked of Ephraim, the leaders) council." (4Q169, Dead Sea Scrolls)

Nahum 3:4 Because of the many harlotries of the well favored harlot, the mistress of seduction, she who sells nations through her harlotries and families through her seductions.

Babylon (the harlot) fits the United States of America, also known as Ephraim. At present, the USA is still sitting on top of the world order (the beast). However, this developing world order really hates America (the harlot) because of her arrogance, power, and wealth. It is necessary to destroy America because she is too free, too powerful, and too haughty. This is why here is a concerted effort to weaken America’s moral fiber, military, and educational systems. This is why America has, not so secretly, intentionally transplanted our high technology to China. China and possibly Russia are being prepared to take leadership of the newly developing world order.


Above excerpts are from "The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand" by Edmund Joseph  Roache

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