Throughout the history of our world a recurring general theme is evident.  Humankind and its leadership first flourish through God’s grace. They then subsequently become self-satisfied and fall away from His precepts. Having become separated from God, we are also separated from the source of all wisdom. The result is the downfall of whatever was built and accomplished.  This is the underlying theme behind the fall of ancient Israel, the fall of Adam & Eve, and the collapse of the tower of Babel. This will also be the theme of the unraveling of America in specific and modern civilization in general. The elements of the story are always the same. The Prophets tell us that the leaders become progressively blinded by power and pride, and thus become misleaders – progressively lawless, deceitful, self-serving, and unwise. The majority of "the people" are passive; blind, deaf, and dumb. They follow their mis-leaders into chaos and catastrophe. God sends his prophets/messengers to warn and correct, but to no avail, except for the few whose hearts and minds are set right and who are able to be led to safety. These remaining few become the remnant, the survivors and progenitors of the next cycle. However, this time the cycle is different. This time nuclear weapons enter the scene. If there had been nuclear weapons when Rome fell, we wouldn’t be here today to discuss the matter. The presence of nuclear weapons changes God’s evolutionary, remnant plan into no-plan. It changes the remnant into no-remnant. Man has never before been able to achieve stability and avoid the abuse of power and the downfall of empire. Are we more mature now? Are our leaders different than prior leaders? Are we wiser? Have we stopped straying from God’s laws and ways? The presence of thousands of nuclear weapons changes mans next fall into his last fall. The tower of Babel now has a bomb on the top of it.

     However, God will not allow the many good and decent people of our world to be annihilated. This is why the Messiah comes; this is why God will choose to enter human history directly. Since the death of Adam and Eve, our world has been without direct divine leadership. The age of strictly human sovereignty will be terminated shortly and the World Messiah so long awaited by faithful Jews, will enter the scene to stay. Our world will never again be without direct divine leadership. Today’s upside down world becomes tomorrow’s right side up world.

(The remnant of this cycle has unique characteristics and activities to perform.   They are made wise by special books, they stand up for God and His way in the midst of persecution, they receive divine protection through their following of God’s will and they teach God’s true way; the message of Jesus, the Kingdom of Heaven within. God Himself names this remnant through His prophets and servants. They are the elect, and are those who elect God’s will at the end of the age.)

Hosea 4 :1 Hear the word of the Lord
O people of Israel !
For the Lord has a case
Against the inhabitants of this land
Because there is no honesty and goodness
And no obedience to God in the land.

Hosea 4 :2 False swearing, dishonesty, and murder,
And theft and adultery are rife ;
Crime follows upon crime
For that the earth is withered ;
Everything that dwells on it languishes—

The earth is withered implies drought which is caused by the spiritual and moral degeneracy that exists in ancient Israel.

Isaiah 44:2 Even as I pour water on a thirsty soil,
And rain upon the dry ground,
So will I pour My spirit on your offspring,
My blessing upon your posterity
And they shall sprout like grass . . .

The drought will finally be broken by an outpouring of physical water upon the physical desert as well as the spiritual water on the spiritual desert that so many souls are living through. These people:

Isaiah 44:18 Have no wit or judgment;
Their eyes are besmeared, and they see not;
Their minds, and they cannot think.
They do not give thought.

     This is a good description of many people that lived then and many that live now. We are told what to think by the mass media. We have stopped thinking for ourselves because our minds are numb and atrophied. We "hear no evil, see no evil and do no evil." America, wake up! Turn off the T.V. and the experts. Listen to God speak through his servants, the prophets........

Isaiah 44:24 It is I, the Lord, who made everything,
Who alone stretched out the heavens . . .
I annul the omens of diviners,
And make fools of the augurs;
Who turn sages back
And make nonsense of their knowledge;
But confirm the word of My servant
And fulfill the predictions of My messengers.

     The intellectual elite of our world appears daily in newspapers and on our televisions. They are the "experts" who write the books about marriage, although they are divorced three times.  They tell us how to bring up our children, and yet their own children rebel against them. They know everything about anything, and there is no doubt about it. Ask if they believe in God and somber tones cover the smirk and smile. And yet, the question of God is the essential question of all philosophy, all ideologies, and all human understanding. If this most essential question were on a test, it would count for ninety-nine percent of the grade and the remaining one percent of the test would directly depend on the answer to the first. If you are wrong about God, then you are wrong about very much else as well. Yet the intellectual and political elite are all confirmed in the opinion that "religion is the opiate of the masses." Those who won’t say this in public believe it in private, as their very actions and behavior betray them. If our leaders are wrong about the first question, what hope do we have for a peaceful world guided by wisdom. My answer for that is zero. What do you think? Many of us deny or question the existence of the very One who gave us existence. God replies:

Isaiah 45:9 Shame on him who argues with his Maker,
Though naught but a potsherd of earth!
Shall the clay say to the potter, "What are you doing?
Your work has no handle."

If you live on this world at this time, no doubt you know of people who display this level of arrogance.  Consider that Great Britain had the most far-flung empire in the history of the world and that America is the present reigning superpower. Also, Joseph (Lost Israel) is prophesied to have great bounty, great increase, great blessings of land, crops, and natural resources and fruitfulness. America is the land founded on God’s great blessings and strength. "God Bless America," "in God we Trust," "America the Beautiful" were frequently used phrases. Also:

O Beautiful for Spacious Skies
For Amber Waves of Grain
For Purple Mountain Majesty
Above the Fruited Plain
America, America God Shed His Grace on Thee
Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood…

     The fruitfulness, bounty, and blessings of America are unparalleled in the history of the world.  In addition there are volumes of research and facts that support the close relationship between ancient Israel and Northwestern Europe. This research comes from Talmudic scholarship, archeology, linguistics, recorded history, and folklore. The Northern Ten Tribes, the Israelites, were dispersed first to Assyria and then traveled northward to populate Northern and Western Europe and then later on came to America. These Lost Ten Tribes of Israel have carried with them, wherever they have gone, their ancient blessings from God.   These blessings went from God, to Abraham, to Isaac, to Jacob, to Joseph, to Ephraim and Manasseh, to Northern Israel, to the Lost Ten Tribes, to Northwestern Europe and finally to America. But just as in the beginning, blessings have not been recognized and appreciated, and have not kept those who are blessed from going astray. It was Ephraim of ancient Israel, the most blessed, who went first and farthest astray. It is Ephraim again who goes astray. Ephraim is America.   The end is like the beginning. American history is repeating Northern Israel’s ancient history.

     I think one can make a strong case that "Israel" has large populations in North America, Great Britain, Northern and Western Europe, and the off shoots of the prior British Empire, i.e. Australia and New Zealand among others. In addition, "like the dew of the Lord," smaller populations are located among many if not all the other nations. One might reasonably consider that "Israel" is closely related to Christendom itself. The total population of this "Israel" is probably in the billions. Biblical references to offspring as numerous as "the stars in the sky" and the "sands of the sea" are now comprehensible. God’s promises to Abraham have been, are being, and will be fulfilled. Now we appreciate the immensity of "Ephraim’s myriads." Suddenly, the Bible is no longer just an "old fashioned book" about meaningless events in the distant past that involve other people. "Israel" is Christendom today and "Judah" is modern, geographic Israel of re-gathering Jews. Future "Israel" will be all those who desire to do God’s will. Future "Israel" will be composed of the faithful remnants of Christians and Jews and all others who desire to do God’s will. God has been announcing his plans from long ago. The history of "Israel" is in fact the history of the world; past, present and future. And God’s history of the world is a strange history. It is told before, not after, the historical events occur. This does not mean that our lives and history are predetermined. We freely choose all of our own actions, but God transcends time and space and his infinite mind foreknows how we will freely choose. We are free to choose and God is free to foreknow our choices. This is similar to a parent who can predict in advance what his children will do in various situations. The immensity, absoluteness, and infinitude of God’s mind are far beyond human imagination. We are left in awe of this Infinite Being who turns to us the face of a loving Father and knows the number of hairs on our individual heads.

Isaiah 60:9 Behold, the coastlands await me,…
To bring your sons from
Aliens shall rebuild your (Jerusalem’s) walls,…
Their Kings shall wait on you (Jerusalem) – …
Your gates shall always stay open –
Day and night they shall never be shut – …
And you shall be called "City of the Lord."

     Here, "The Lord" tells us of the restoration of Jerusalem, the city where the Lord will dwell. Strangers and "aliens" from other countries, including America, will come to live in and rebuild Jerusalem. These re-identified "alien" Israelites (Christians mostly) reunite with their cultural brethren from Judah (the Jews), forming once again one nation under God, the new Israel.

Jer 5:23 Yet this people has a wayward and defiant heart
They have turned aside and gone their way…
Among My people are wicked men,
Who lurk, like fowlers lying in wait
They set up a trap to catch men…
So their houses are full of guile;
That is why they have grown so
They have become fat and sleek…
And they prosper.

Jer 5:30 An appalling, horrible thing
Has happened in the land;
The prophets prophesy falsely,
And the priests rule accordingly;
And My people like it so.

     This fits our country perfectly today. Ends of ages are very similar. America is repeating the history of ancient Israel. Human beings are very predictable. We repeat the same mistakes over and over again. We do not learn from our mistakes. We see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. As God says "My people are stupid, foolish, and unintelligent." We never heed our true prophets. We don’t love truth and so we can’t recognize it when it is right in front of our face.  The collapse of this nation is heralded by its near total disrespect and disregard for the truth.  Jesus says, "I have come into this world, to bear witness to the Truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears and listens to My voice." We, like Pilate, respond "Truth? What is truth?"

     If modern Christendom is "Israel" then prophecy has been abundantly fulfilled. Abraham was promised descendants as numerous as the "sands of the sea" and the "stars in the sky" -- and so it is. Material bounty and military power were promised -- and so they have been delivered to the British Empire of yesterday and to America today. America is the present elect recipient of God’s eternal blessings on Ephraim and his descendants. An area of land much larger than present modern Israel was promised for Abraham’s descendants (Israel and Judah). And so it will be. Unfulfilled Old Testament prophecies are promises that God intends to keep.

Gen 49:1 Jacob called for his sons…that I may tell you what shall befall
you in the
latter days…

Genesis Joseph is a fruitful bough…by a well…whose branches run
49:22-25 over the wall…the arms of his hands made
strong and active
by the Mighty God of Jacob …blessings of the heavens above,
blessings…in the deep, blessings of the breasts and womb…
greater than
the blessings than your forefathers
and are as lasting as the eternal hills.

     Is there any doubt that these ‘blessed’ people of Joseph, of Ephraim, living in the latter days with bounty and power are the citizens of the United States of America, the most powerful, blessed, and fruitful nation in the history of the world.

Prophecies from many different traditions say that America is
destined to become the seat of the next spiritual evolution…one of America’s
greatest attributes is its ability to give social and religious experiments a chance.
(John Hogue, Millennium Prophecy)
America, as the Sioux medicine man Good Horse Nation says,
must wake up. To do that, America will have to suffer a most
difficult weaning – from what is false or destructive about the
American Dream. (John Hogue)
A peculiar generation now exists on this earth, which does not
carry an inner urge for growth but only death for the whole race.


     And when we wake up we will realize that these bereft beings are running the political and financial centers of the world. And that no mere human effort will be able to correct this problem. This is why divine intervention will be needed; otherwise everyone and everything would be destroyed. Hyperbole? No, simple and honest logic. If nations had nuclear weapons when Rome fell – none of us would be here today to discuss this problem. Do we really think that when things start to turn sour for our world that force will not be seen as the answer. Does anyone really believe that thousands of nuclear weapons will never be used?

     Mankind has never invented a weapon that he has not subsequently used. Does anyone look upon the world scene and not see the progressive danger that we are entering? China and Russia are building up their military (with our money and technology) and staking out their territories. America suddenly is the bully of the world, using its military might in an aggressive, self-serving way rather than as a defensive stronghold of peace. We have lost all respect and goodwill in the eyes of the world’s nations. They will accept our money, but no longer look up to us as a moral force in the world. And yet America notices nothing, as long as the stock market stays up and the material goods keep flowing. We have ceased to use our minds to think for ourselves, our opinions are those of the last newspaper article we have read. We take our media and information sources at face value, without question. When the "wagging heads" of the experts wag so do ours – glassy-eyed, inured, and asleep. The prophets have said "our people are stupid." We only see what we want to see. Where is the thirst for truth? Prophets pull no punches; they live and die for the truth and only truth. Our own leaders prepare before us the rudiments for the potential destruction of an entire world. What does God say about America’s world leadership of the sale and exportation of weapons technology to an entire world? When did it become acceptable to export destruction so that our richest people can become richer? Is it acceptable? What do we do? What do we say? The answer is a resounding nothing. History and God will hold America accountable for the deaths of tens or hundreds of million lives. But as long as we still have our cozy lives and our wants fulfilled – we see nothing.  And so, not until our toys and possessions are taken away from us will anybody notice that there are a lot of bully’s that have moved onto the block. Then will America cry and then will America open her glazed-over eyes.

     The messianic setting is indicated by the "earth bursting into streams," the "mountains rock," and "the sun and moon stand still on high." The streams could issue forth as a result of the tectonic activity that "rocks the mountains." For the "sun and moon to stand still" earth would have to stop spinning on its axis or undergo a shift of the polar axis. Are these literal or figurative prophecies or both? Drought has played a consistent role in the Bible, signifying God’s displeasure.

    Elijah prophesies drought in connection with God’s displeasure toward the Israelites. There is now a severe drought developing in the Middle East, China, and even parts of America. If my timetable is correct, this drought should become progressively worse and play an enlarging role in the increase of famine and disease, as well as worsening political hostilities and war in the Middle East, which will conclude with "all the nations" coming against Modern Israel. Lack of water leads to physical death, just as lack of spiritual influx leads to soul death. Water and spirit are therefore tightly linked to one another symbolically.

     Spiritual disease has physical effects on our environment. Our seemingly separated universe of matter, mind and spirit is unified and integrated on higher levels of reality not visibly apparent in the material plane. The American Indians and many other indigenous people already possess and use this wisdom that is so neglected by "modern man."

It would appear that the 3 rd temple will be built by many who live far away – perhaps these are the remnant of Israel who are gathered from all over the world; including the coastlands, afar, across the sea. "Israel" has been previously identified as Christendom in an earlier discussion.  Some of those who come from far away to build the temple may be Christians from America and Western Europe, those remnants who are faithful to God.

Ephraim, America

"The wicked draw the sword and bend their bow to bring down the
poor and needy and to slay the upright of way. Their sword shall enter
their own heart and their bows shall be broken." (Ps 37:45-15)
Interpreted, this concerns the
wicked of Ephraim and Manasseh,
who shall seek to lay hands on the Priest (Final Prophet) and the
men of his council (the elect) at the time of trial that will come
upon them. But God will redeem them from out of their hand.
And afterwards, they (the wicked of Ephraim and Manasseh)
shall be delivered into the hand of the violent among the
nations for judgment. (TR)

     The people who will go the most wrong in the messianic time period upcoming are the same people who went the most wrong in ancient times as well; i.e. the Northern Tribes, who are Israel, who in turn are the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, foremost among the Ten Northern Tribes. The Northern Tribes then become the Lost Ten Tribes who migrate to northern and western Europe, and then later to America, surfacing today after 2000 years as Christians, some of whom occupy the equivalent to the "promised land" of yesterday-- America. Ephraim is very probably America today and Manasseh is very probably Great Britain. The "wicked of Ephraim and Manasseh" are the leaders and power elite of these two countries.

     American is Ephraim because the Lost Ten Tribes first settled in Northern and Western Europe, from there the Lost Ten Tribes later settled America. The bravest, most courageous, most freedom loving and most religious of Europe settled America. The "cream of the crop" of the entire world moved west. America is directly related to Ephraim of ancient Israel. Both America and ancient Northern Israel started out on the right tract with the love and blessings of God. When both their wealth grew, both abandoned God and went chasing after the false gods of money, sex, and power. Both had leaderships that led the people (the majority) far away from the sustenance of truth. Deceit, lawlessness and decay beset Israel and beset us today. Israel’s prophets arose and were ignored even as they were killed and imprisoned. America, like Israel, will ignore her prophets as well. The outcome will be the same, making for a precise repeat of history. The beginning is like the end. America, like the Northern Tribes, is blessed with fruitfulness, bounty, and God’s grace. Both became proud and defiant, lawless and licentious, arrogant and capricious. Both become blind, deaf, and dumb to the events around them that ultimately swallow them up. Not only is America Ephraim by heredity, but America is also Ephraim by history. It is from America and Great Britain that the most destructive leaders of Christendom will come and they will be the ones who lead the persecution of the elect.  The messianic age is a consummation and completion of the precursors expressed earlier in history. The number seven symbolizes this completion and is found frequently throughout the text of "Revelation."

"And in the days of famine they shall be satisfied, but the wicked shall perish." (Ps 37:196)

Interpreted, this means that He will keep them (the elect) alive
during famine and the time of humiliation, whereas many
(others) will suffer from famine and plague, all those who have
not departed from there to be with the Congregation of His elect.
(TR, Teacher of Righteousness) (my parentheses)

     Hard times will come and those that know and understand, the elect, will try to lead everyone to safety but many, and probably most, will not follow. Notice that the congregation of the elect depart from somewhere, possibly from America the home of Ephraim and the elect. God is actively leading and protecting the elect throughout this trial period, just as he did once before when He led Israel out from Egypt to Canaan. The end is like the beginning.

4Q166 "Woe to the city of blood; it is full of lies and rapine" (Nahum 3:1)
Teacher of Interpreted, this is the
city of Ephraim, those who seek smooth
Righteousness things during the last days, who walk in lies and falsehood.

     I’m afraid Ephraim is America. America is the modern counterpart of Northern Israel of 700-800 BC. Both chase after the false gods of wealth, power and sex. America is a country populated by the offspring of the Lost Ten Tribes of yesterday. History ends where it began, so many years ago; and again it is the most favored, the most blessed, Ephraim who goes astray. "America, O beautiful, God shed His grace on Thee!" We have gone from "In God we trust" to the "God almighty dollar" in just two hundred years!

     The "city of Ephraim" that is full of lies and deceit may be Washington, D.C. which is also known as the "den of iniquity." Such places of concentrated evil end in the seeds of their own destruction. Perhaps those nuclear secrets, we have been so diligent to give to our enemies will be our undoing. And just as in ancient days, "the people," the majority, follow along dancing a merry tune – oblivious and exultant.

4Q166-7 "The prowler is not wanting, noise of whip and noise of rattling
wheel, prancing horse and jolting chariot, charging horseman, flame
and glittering spear, a multitude of the slain and a heap of carcasses. There is
end to the corpses; they stumble upon their corpses."(Nahum 3:1-3)
Teacher of Interpreted, this concerns the dominion of those who seek smooth
Righteousness things from the midst of whose assembly the "sword of the nations
shall never be wanting." Captivity, looting, and burning shall be
among them, and
exile out of dread for the enemy…there shall be no end to their slain.

     Again, this is Ephraim suffering the harvest of the seeds that are being sown now. The Chinese are being given control of the Panama Canal. Their weapons have a limited range, but with the Panama Canal, they’ll have good access to our cities. We have led the Chinese to our highest weapons technology. We open the door, show them inside and tell them where to look and what to look for. All of a sudden, China is a significant nuclear force which is growing rapidly. Where is their American made nuclear technology aimed at? Thirteen American cities at last count. Quite a mystery how these things happen, don’t you agree? Also notice that "exile" is in the stars for some of God's people from our country – just like the Babylonian days. This "exile" during war may be the trigger for the elect to go into hiding with the help of divine guidance, which will operate to protect these people and any others, who will listen. Prophecy says that many Americans will not heed their warning, just as the people didn’t heed in the time of the Babylonians, the Assyrians, and the Romans.  History replayed, for the last dance of man’s dull-witted sovereignty.

     There is a lot of prophecy about whole cities being destroyed. Population centers are not going to be a very safe place to be. I believe Nahum is referring to Ninevah of ancient times in 3:4. The Teacher surely knows about ancient Ninevah but chooses to interpret this verse as applying to the future (to him) messianic period. If so, America’s power elite (the wicked of Ephraim) are those referred to who "sell nations," "lead many astray," and who lead Ephraim (America) astray.

     And likewise, this saying is to be interpreted as concerning those who will be unfaithful at the end of days. They, the men of violence and the breakers of the Covenant, will not believe when they hear all that is to happen to the final generation from the Priest (the messianic prophet) in whose heart God set understanding that he might interpret all the words of His servants the Prophets, through whom (the Prophets), he (the final prophet) foretold all that would happen to His people and His land (?America) (My parentheses)

     Character types and event patterns repeat themselves, each end of the age time period has a little different outward appearance, but has the same inner conflicts of the human condition being played out. Also, in this same passage we are explicitly told that the messianic prophet (the Priest) will in part operate by interpreting "all the words of God’s servants the Prophets" through whom God foretells "all that would happen to His people and His land" in the last days. This prophet strikes down Ephraim with the rod of his mouth, where Ephraim has been previously identified in these writings as America.This fits with the prophet, God's servant, addressing the ‘coastlands’ in the servant passage of Isaiah 42:1.

     Ephraim is probably America. Babylon is probably America, or possibly an American city. New York and Washington D.C. come first to mind. "Cities and families shall perish through their (the wicked of Ephraim, the leaders) council."

Nahum 3:4 Because of the many harlotries of the well favored harlot, the
mistress of seduction,
she who sells nations through her harlotries
and families through her seductions.

     Ephraim represents the Lost Ten Tribes that are situated in America.  Like ancient Israel, Ephraim has been the most blessed by food, wealth, land, natural resources, agriculture and military might. The leaders of Ephraim (called the wicked of Ephraim in the Dead Sea Scrolls), now as before, become estranged from truth and justice and lead their people into disaster. Once again the most blessed become the most corrupt.


This excerpt is from the book "The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand", by Edmund J. Roache.